About Studio aVeK

A small workshop created by Ernesto Vela and Amra Kulenovic for explorations in painting and architecture.

Ernesto Vela is Salvadorean-Canadian painter and architect living in New York City since 1996. He was born in San Salvador, El Salvador in 1969 from where his family immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1985. He earned a Bachelor of Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba in 1990 and Bachelor in Architecture from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY in 1996. He is a partner at think! Architecture and Design based in Brooklyn, NY. 

Amra Kulenovic is a Bosnian-American architect living in New York City since 1997. She was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1967.  She earned a Bachelor in Science in Architecture in 1993  from the University of Sarajevo and a Master of Science in Environmental Sciences and Policy in 1996 from the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. She is a  practicing architect in New York City.

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