About Studio aVeK

Ernesto Vela's  small workshop for explorations in painting and architecture.

I am a Salvadorian-born, Canadian-raised and New York-adopted painter working in Long Island City, New York. I am also a partner at Think! Architecture and Design, a Brooklyn based innovative design firm.

I would like to believe that if I wasn’t painting or designing I would be a psychologist or an anthropologist, thinking that these would help in the understanding of ourselves. Instead of going into the sciences I discovered the arts and their capacity to look inside of us. I paint to understand. I paint to remember. I paint to record. I paint to question.

Light is the hidden pigment. It is not limited to what the eye can perceive, it exists in our minds. Even within total blindness, a light exists that takes shape every day. A light that lives in our shared memories. Paintings start with light as the originator of color, form and narratives. The light created in each painting reveals a unique story...a shared dream.

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